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Edgard & Cooper

This week we would like to introduce you to an exciting new brand; Edgard & Cooper!

As you are aware, we are very pro raw feeding your dog, but equally we can understand and appreciate that raw feeding isn't suited to every dog or every family for one reason or another. It has taken us a while to find a dry and tinned dog food that we felt was suitable to be stocked in the shop and something that we really believed in and would feel comfortable recommending. Then Edgard & Cooper came along!! Tried and tested as always by our own, not only is the dry and tinned dog food a big hit, but they also have a unique range of treats on offer.

Edgard & Cooper was started by two friends, Louis & Koen, who would frequently discuss their dogs, Edgard & Cooper and how current dog food didn't make their dogs happy or healthy. Louis and Koen wanted Edgard & Cooper to be different. That meant delicious, healthy dog food that played nice with nature. The kind of pet food that Louis, Koen, Edgard and Cooper could all feel good about. When Louis and Koen first asked suppliers to try a recipe using fresh meat (plus fruit, vegetables and herbs), everyone said it couldn’t be done, but their persistence paid off and they finally found the right combination of partners and ingredients. Today, they use lots of fresh, natural ingredients, and slow cook them to preserve flavour and nutrition. And they source from the best suppliers – local where possible, and with similar values.

With the recipe sorted, Louis and Koen committed to building a sustainable business with a legacy they could be proud of. That’s where their 100% biodegradable kibble bags come in, and their promise to always give 10% of our profits to charity.

Their dog food is packed with REAL FRESH ingredients;

  • Fresh meat & nutritious offal - Delicious, nutritious and treated with respect from farm to bowl

  • Real fruit & veg - A few cheeky extras to provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre

  • Root vegetables - Energy-packed complex carbohydrates that are easy for dogs to digest

Their simple, wholesome, recipes are developed by university experts to provide maximum nutrition from natural ingredients. It’s like your dog has his own personal trainer! Chilled trucks are used to transport the ingredients, which means they don’t need processing to stay fresh and delicious. Low temperatures are used to slowly bake the kibble and wet food, which locks in all the natural goodness and flavour.

They also do an excellent treat selection using the same ingredients and principles as their dog food and all in biodegradable packaging;

  • Good boy bites - perky pocket-sized training treats, made using protein-rich meat and healthy fruit

  • Busy day bars - tasty, delicious snacks for dogs on-the-run, packed with 35% protein

  • Jerky - Lip-smacking strips of jerky for dogs that deserve a delicious treat

  • Doggy dental sticks - plant based and low calorie

Edgard & Cooper are the first pet food brand with a full range of bags made from biodegradable materials - which means they’ll break down naturally. They're a nature-loving lot that are very proud their packaging doesn't harm the planet. They may not be perfect (yet) but they certainly do their bit.

There are millions of dogs and cats around the world that are in need of help and Edgard & Cooper help do their bit by pledging 10% of their profits to charity. So by buying their products, not only are you doing good for your dog, you are helping others around the world too - HOW COOL!

We have got lots of FREE samples of their dog food in store, so if you're thinking of feeding your dog better (but don't want to raw feed) give Edgard & Cooper a try!!

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