We provide a professional one-to-one dog grooming service in Greenhill, Sheffield, easily accessed from Dronfield, Dore & Totley, Bradway and Norton.  We don't have cages and our grooming service is efficient, trying to keep your dog's time with us to minimum to reduce stress.  You will be provided with a drop-off and collection time for your dog grooming appointment. 

All prices are ‘from’ and dependant on coat condition (eg matting) and behaviour and may vary depending on extra time required. 

Please note Hashtag Dog adhere to the Animal Welfare Act, and as a result can not dematt a dog for longer than 10 minutes. Dematting can result in sore skin, discomfort and stress. 

Whilst we understand that some coats can be demanding and endeavour to achieve a perfect groom for your dog, some grooming visits may result in a close clip where matting requires longer than 10 minutes to remove. The prices indicated will be the same for this service. In the case of severe matting, you may be referred to a vet. 

Hashtag Dog full groom package includes;

- FREE Consultation - Tailored shampoo/ conditioner - Bath - Fluff Dry - Paw pads trim - Nail clip - Ear plucking - Ear cleaning - Eye cleaning - Scissor, clip & style - Dead hair removal - Fragrance spray - Maintenance product recommendation 

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