All prices published on our breed price guide assume a reasonable condition and temperament.


Additional charges will apply for the extra time, products and equipment involved in grooming neglected coats, and for dogs whose, temperament or health also requires more time to complete extending the duration of our maximum appointment time of 2½hrs into our next customer appointment. Aggressive dogs are not accepted. Where these circumstances are found to be the case and we cannot complete your pet in the duration of your appointment an additional follow up appointment may be required to ensure your pet is groomed to comply with our salon policy on animal care, including its physical and mental state and to comply with the Animal Welfare Act (2006). As a salon which champions Responsible Dog Ownership we do not de-matt neglected coats. This is very different to removing small knots, tangles and isolated matted hair from the coat which can be achieved quickly without causing anxiety, stress or pain. 


The health and condition of a dog's coat and skin are the responsibility of the owner (along with its socialisation, training, physical and psychological state of health.) Professional grooming plays an important role in the commitment undertaken when choosing any breed of dog. This level of commitment is evident in the condition of the coat due to effective home grooming and temperament due to socialisation & training.


We can arrange an appointment to meet the owner and dog for a free consultation before the first grooming appointment to assess condition and temperament; otherwise this can be completed at the same time as dropping your dog off for their appointment.  A health check and coat assessment are always carried out prior to each grooming session, with the owner or carer present or we will contact you if the coat is found to be in a neglected condition once grooming commences.


Final Price


This will be determined to take all factors into consideration. A well cared for dog which is maintained in a reasonable condition between grooming appointments and exhibits normal behaviour is usually the price shown in our Price Guide. All dogs and puppy introductions are assessed and priced individually and on an on-going basis.  Our prices are based generally on your dog being professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks OR a time scale that we have recommended.  Leaving longer between appointments, leads to longer coat growth and increased risk of knots, tangles and sometimes matting.  In these instances, grooming your dog takes longer and requires more product; the price will therefore reflect this. 


If we cannot safely complete your dog within the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act (2006) due to behaviour, aggressive or otherwise, we will call you to let you know. Fee’s will apply.


If we have bathed and dried your dog a £25 charge will apply, if not a £15 charge will apply. If this is the case, behavioural training is normally recommended as a course of action for you to take.


No Shows/Missed Appointments or cancelling at short notice will incur the following charges:


- Less than 48 hours notice - payment of 25% of grooming fee required

- Less than 24 hours notice - payment of 50% of grooming required

- No show - payment of 100% of grooming fee


Arriving 15 minutes or more late for appointments will in most cases require re-scheduling and the conditions above will apply.

Appointment times


You must be at least 18 years old to register or check a dog into Hashtag Dog.


At Hashtag Dog we are highly experienced and therefore very efficient in grooming your dog.  We do not believe it is in the dog's or anyone else's best interests to keep the dog longer than necessary and avoid having them sat in cages/pens.  On average an appointment lasts between an hour - 2 hours.


We kindly request that you arrive at the time of your appointment and pick your dog up in reasonable time once we have informed you that they are ready for collection.


Once 1 hour has elapsed after the arranged collection time a £10 charge per hour will be added to the final price unless previously arranged. This is to discourage dogs being left with us for extended periods, possibly resulting in stress and anxiety.



Clipping off the coat due to a neglected (lack of effective brushing) severely matted or felted coat.


Effective brushing (routinely brushing the entire coat with appropriate tools from the skin out) of long / double coated and wool breeds in particular can only be achieved through DAILY care. Neglecting to brush effectively for one week or more will result in matts forming in the coat. This is an essential part of the owners taking responsibility for the health of pets in their care.


Severe matting can be extremely painful to your dog during brushing.  Brushing only causes live hairs to be pulled out of the skin with excruciating pain. Even mild matting can cause your pet a great deal of pain. Matting can cut off blood supply to extremities, and deny regular air circulation.  Skin denied fresh air and stimulation from regular brushing becomes quite unhealthy and provides optimum conditions for fungus, bacteria & parasites.  It can turn dark pink to red, and open sores are apt to form emitting foul doors.  Even organic matter, like grass seeds and sticky buds, can become embedded in the skin. Matted coats have been known to contain excrement of the pet and even fly larvae that further irritate the skin. Remember, sometimes these matts and their consequences can be completely hidden from view.


Some severely matted pets may require the attention of a vet.


Dogs are our passion, we take responsibility for their care seriously. 


If your dog has a neglected heavily matted or felted coat, or any other acute condition that has yet to be assessed, please visit your veterinary practice for advice on skin condition and general health and then have the coat removed/clipped off before visiting Hashtag Dog. After which, we can offer advice and work with you to ensure the coat and skin are kept in optimal condition as the coat regrows. If you think your dog is unfit for grooming for any reason, please call us prior to your appointment and we will be more than happy to re-arrange.


Exception will only be considered to clip off/shave if immediate action is required for the welfare of the animal in the case of severe matting and felting, whether partial or entire and then only with consent by electronic communication means (e-mail or text) or by consent form and subject to time/appointment availability. This will add considerably more to the cost of grooming and will only be considered if the dog's temperament is suitable to complete the procedure without causing stress, suffering and discomfort. We reserve the right to take photographs of neglected coats while dogs are in our care, keep the shaved off coat and to decline service at any time. If you have neglected to brush your dog's coat, Hashtag Dog will inform you of the fact in plain terms for your understanding of the situation. This is intended as educational development in recognition of the responsibilities of pet dog ownership. It is never our intention to cause offence by refusing service.


By signing this agreement you agree that the groomer (Hashtag Dog) cannot be held liable or responsible for irritation, abrasion, patchiness or hair loss due to any pre-existing skin condition or as a result of the process of grooming, de-matting, thinning or stripping or shaving. If your dog attempts to bite, the grooming process will be stopped and grooming up to that point will require payment. Further details in respect of your consent to groom can be obtained from Hashtag Dog.


Complaints Policy


Please check that you are satisfied with the grooming of your dog before leaving the salon, so that any corrections can be made where possible. Complaints regarding grooming should be reported within 48 hours of your visit so that we have the opportunity to assess and correct any issues you may have. Issues reported 7 days or more after your appointment cannot be rectified due to coat regrowth.


By signing this agreement, you agree and understand all terms and conditions laid out by Hashtag Dog.